Welcome to Guesthouse Nijmegen

Guesthouse Nijmegen is a rental agency, specialised in providing short stay accommodations in Nijmegen. We offer student rooms and apartments for international students and expats. Our accommodations are available from at least 2 months up to a maximum of 12 months, which is perfect for students and expats who will stay in Nijmegen for only a few months.

Guesthouse Nijmegen was founded in 2014 in order to provide high quality and affordable housing for international students and expats in Nijmegen. This means that all our apartments and student rooms are fully furnished. Maintenance, cleaning and other services (internet) are always included. On top of that, all our accommodations comply to the fire requirements of the KKVV fire safety certification.

Tenants of Guesthouse Nijmegen are also able to take care of their affairs via an online system, which enables tenants to communicate with the caretaker and to look up their contract or payments digitally. This way Guesthouse Nijmegen works very efficient and open.

Preferred Partnership with the Radboud University

Guesthouse Nijmegen has a Preferred Partnership with the Radboud University Nijmegen to house international students. However, we still have places available for expats and other students.

In total, we have more than 100 student rooms and apartments for rent at great locations in Nijmegen.

We hope we can help you with housing so you can have a great stay in Nijmegen!


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