What is Short Stay?

Short Stay rental is the rent of free sector houses for a short period of time (at least 1 month, up to 12 months). Short Stay rental is mainly focussed on international students and expats.

Since 2014 Guesthouse Nijmegen, in association with the International office (Department of Students and Expats housing of Radboud University Nijmegen), has been active in this relatively new field. At this moment, Guesthouse Nijmegen rents approximately 100 rooms and apartments through Short Stay rental.

Guesthouse Nijmegen can provide you excellent guidance on all legal, financial and fiscal aspects in this field. In case you actually want to engage in Short Stay rental, we advise you to contact us. Short Stay rental is fiscally very interesting (Rent in "Box 3") but requires maximum precision in the realization phase. Guesthouse Nijmegen collaborates with Klerkx Fiscaal Advies and is therefore able to give you professional advice.


Tax advantages

The rent on houses, living space and rooms is normally exempt from VAT. Paid VAT, for example in connection with the refurbishment of the rooms, can not be deducted.

This is different for Short Stay rental. In case of Short Stay, the rent will be taxed with 6% VAT. However, paid VAT relating to the relevant Short Stay, including for example the VAT on the refurbishment of the building (21%), will be deductible. Especially the latter can ensure that the return on the property turns out to be a lot higher!

But how does Short Stay qualify for this tax advantage? The Short Stay should to a certain extent be similar to the rental of a hotel room. For this, the nature (work/study) and the duration of the stay are important.

Guesthouse Nijmegen, in cooperation with Klerkx Fiscaal Advies, has had frequent consultations with the tax authorities about the requirements for Short Stay tax advantage. What information is important to capture and what is not?

Want to know more about all this?

Guesthouse Nijmegen and Klerkx Fiscaal Advies share a lot of knowledge and experience on this subject and we are glad to be of service. Should you wish to receive more information about Short Stay or should you like to meet us, then please do not hesitate to contact us.


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